Super Bowl LiveSnark: Final Chapter

Too many commercials are insisting that I go to their sites and donate content. Uncanny. “Tell us your OWN story at!” “Make your OWN Talking Kinoki Foot Pad at!”

Coca-Cola commercial with macy’s balloons — clearly the winner of the evening! And as a big-time Peanuts fan was pleased to see Charlie Brown get the bottle at the end.

Coca-Cola commercial starring Frist and Carvelle. Funny…but any true Coke aficionado could tell that all the Cokes they drank were completely flat. Blech.

Gatorade commercial with dog drinking product for a bowl. Strike One: you spend all by the last three seconds thinking “what the hell is this about?” and then you’re left thinking “Oh. So it’s fit for dogs, then.”

Will Farrell Bud Light ad. Finally, a good one. I bet he ad-libbed for an hour. I also bet that he came out of makeup in his “Anchorman” wig and mustache before a PA reminded him that this wasn’t the exact same guy.

Boy, what a thrilling game. Finally, in the last six minutes of play, the Patriots seem unstoppable again.

ZAP! TOUCHDOWN, PATS! And the air pressure in New England increases by three millibars as everyone exhales at once. Now if only the Giants don’t play as though they’ve beaten every other team in their conference and earned this spot in the Super Bowl.

A Victoria’s Secret commercial followed immediately by an ad in which a fat guy attaches jumper cables to his bare nipples. That ain’t right. I do not approve.

Damn. Well, we lost, but still…what a great game.

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl LiveSnark: Final Chapter

  1. Conner Downey

    The Will Ferrell ad is for an upcoming movie Semi-Pro that I’m pretty excited about. I’ve liked his movies overall, and although they’re mostly pretty similar they’re all good to me.

    I also had the chance to be an extra in that movie, but that got messed up somehow.

    The pats played well throughout the season, but congratulations giants!

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