Stupid iChat Tricks

So did you know that there’s a way to add a…


Well, maybe instead I should just show you:

iChat screen capture

So you see what I’m getting at: you type something in the chat window and it appears as a “chat status” sort of thing instead of a bit of text being spoken by your buddy icon. You can do this by just typing “/me” and then the text you want to broadcast. iChat will paste down your name followed by the text.

I just learned this today and I’ve been trying to figure out just what you’d really use it for. I suppose the most likely application is, you know…”stage directions.”

iChat trick - second example
This other guy knows that as soon as I come back up from the basement, we’ll settle once and for all who the true loser is.

9 thoughts on “Stupid iChat Tricks

  1. STrRedWolf

    Hmmm… Adium… no, before that… GAIM on Linux! No… wait… OH YEAH! IRC! Geesh, Andy, we need to get you into a controlled environment for your introduction to the Internet Relay Chat. Let me know if you’re interested in joining us over at Comic Genesis.

  2. Mike

    Totally off topic, but my thesis and I would like to thank you for the recommendation of Scrivener. I love it when software developers write programs that think the way I do. (If I ever start thinking like Microsoft Office I suspect I shall require considerable amounts of medication).

    ….and now back to your regularly scheduled discussion.

    The question is moot, because Dark Phoenix could kick both of their asses. Simultaneously.

  3. Shane Kerr

    Andy, when I tried this from my leopard mac pro to my wife’s tiger G5, it worked as expected on my end but appeared as conventional old bubbles on her end.
    Is this a Leopard only tip?

  4. Kerri Hicks

    @Shane Yup, looks like it’s Leopard only. But still, so cute. I still have the /me tic from n+1 years ago… :-)

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