My arm’s bleedin’, Bert!!!

Blogging one-handed from my iPhone. And not for the fun reason, either: my left arm has a needle in it.

And THAT’S not for the fun reasons, either: I’m hooked up to an apheresis machine at the Red Cross, which will slowly remove platelets and other useful stuff from my blood for the next 90 minutes or so and return the unused portion to my arm for a full refund.

But it’s for a good cause: a free bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

And free juice and cookies here at the donor center.

(And I understand that the plasma and platelets will help sick people or something.)

Its an hour and a half (compared to 20 minutes for blood donation). You get to spend the time lying on astronaut couch watching DVDs; I shrewdly chose a volume of “House” before leaving the office.

Ive been doing apheresis for a few years but the iphone makes it lots more awesome. I have my email, I have Google Reader…and unlike my previous snartphones, the iPhone is 99% useful with just one working hand.

Time once again to mention that the needle discomfort goes away in a fraction of a second and that this quarter second investment in discomfort will pay off ten thousandfold for someone you’ll never meet.

Please give blood. It’s important, you know.

11 thoughts on “My arm’s bleedin’, Bert!!!

  1. PDunn

    Way to go Andy. I’ve been giving blood and lately double reds since I was 18 and I’m 38 now. The lorna doone’s are my favorite.


  2. david

    I was concerned that you’d broken your arm pretty bad, something like that. But this does remind me how long it’s been since I’ve given blood… Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Mick McMahon

    I underestimated the importance of giving blood until my wife contracted Leukemia. The quantity of platelets and packed red cells she has had transfused has been mind blowing. Thank you.

  4. Nick

    Finally talked my wife into letting me buy an iPhone, and I’m in love in more ways than one. Out of curiousity more than need, what are you using to blog on your iPhone?

  5. whit

    Mr Ihnatko, On Leo’s show I heard one of the quest mention work press themes that you bought. I thought they or you said Revolution. Yours is not Revolution. Do you remember who’s it’s is? Love the look of yours. I’ll check it out. I use Rin Thanks, -whit

  6. jfletch

    When I listened to MBW yesterday and they started to talk about a hero geek who saved a life, I thought to myself, “Well, that’s ANDY!” I was SO disappointed. Forget Mr. I-Can-Pull-A-Lady-Off-The-Tracks-But-I-Can’t-Figure-Out-How-To-Use-Skype. My vote is for the Great A.I., savior of hemophiliacs and cancer patients from all over the Boston area! One unbalanced woman, indeed! Sniff!

    ONE needle? So that’s how you do the iPhone thing. I have never graduated past the two arm Apheresis. And I got to tell you there’s a new guy at the center who has this technique: he can put two of those big needles in and–get this–I DIDN’T EVEN FEEL IT! He did the first one and my jaw dropped open. I said, “OK, now let me see you do that AGAIN!” and he DID! I have been going for over a decade–I just got my 13 Gallon pin–and I NEVER had a needle inserted that I didn’t wince at. I told him to teach all the other techs how to do that or I was going to ask for him every time. It was phenomenal!

  7. Ihnatko Post author

    @jfletch – Gawd, it makes me want to add a new step to my core Standing At A Subway Platform subrouting: “Look over the edge to see if there’s a safety overhang.” Every time I hear a story like that I wonder how long it would take me to decide that it’s possible to jump down there and accomplish anything more than doubling the body count…

    Fortunately, I have a big, thick vein up near the surface in the crook of my left elbow…and just to stack the deck, I also make sure I eat or drink something sugary in the car on the way over. Puffs the veins up nicely and makes it a big target.

  8. Jordan Brock

    During the early 1990’s I lived in the UK for about 18 months. As a result, the Red Cross in Australia doesn’t want my blood. They’re being extra cautious, just in case I’ve been infected by Jakob Creutzfeldt Disease, which you can contract from eating Beef infected with Mad Cow (BSE).

    My dad gave blood every 6 weeks or so for a large portion of his adult life, and I’d love to be able to do the same, but unfortunately they don’t wants me blood.

  9. Ihnatko Post author

    @Jordan – I love London, have spent a total of about a month there, and hope to find an excuse to visit again soon (or better, a patsy willing to pay my airfare and hotel in exchange for a 90-minute talk :) ). But every time I donate blood, I look at that line in the “nix” sheet and think “Man alive…every trip to the UK brings me another step closer to a lifelong bannination!”

    I got nixed for a year because of my trip to Belize. I felt…unclean.

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