Big Fat Wobbly Pile of Memory

Geez…is Transcend preparing to come out with a revamped line of memory cards? Because this has every earmark of a steal and there’s usually a reason for that sort of thing.

It’s prolly not because this version is crap and they need to eliminate all of their inventory before they issue the ‘sorry for selling really crappy memory cards; the new ones are better’ press release. One of these 8 gig cards has been inside my Nikon D80 for several months now and I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever.

I’ve just ordered two more…which means that just going with the SDHD cards, I have 28 gigs of storage (8+8+8+4). That’s a neat shift; I used to keep a 2 gig card in my wallet or my gunbelt, so that whenever I “ran out” of storage I could tap into an emergency reserve. Even when I got the 8 gig card, I’d often bring a notebook with me on short trips just so I’d be able to dump my photos, erase the card, and start anew the next day.

Now, I can just fill up card after card. And I don’t need to shuttle my one “big” card between the SLR and the video camera.

More searching revealed this card from a different source. Same manufacturer, also a Class 6 card (meaning: “really very wicked fast”), but a 4 gig capacity for a smidge less-per-gigabyte than the other one.

But the 4 gig has one practical advantage over the other one: you’re coming home with all of your photo and video content stored in convenient, DVD-R-sized chunks. I’m trying to get myself into the habit of burning my daily shots to disc just as a matter of course and if I knew that I didn’t have to portion my content out, it’d make things much easier…hell, I could easily Automate the whole process via the Image Capture app (on mount, import all pictures into Aperture, burn all pictures to disc, then erase and eject).

10 thoughts on “Big Fat Wobbly Pile of Memory

  1. Kris

    Hey Andy, good find. I have a D80 as well and hate making “tough choices” to fit more on my card. Question: is this card fast enough for you? Sometimes shooting multiples for HDR the camera has to slow down to write to the SD card. I feel like I’m paying a HUGE premium for “fast” cards, but not sure how real that is. Cheers, Kris

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    Shooting JPEG, it shoots at the maximum throughput of the hardware. In RAW, I’m not aware of a particular bottleneck (shooting sports and not paying attention to the camera buffer, I can get off about a dozen shots before the shutter locks so that the D80 can finish writing).

    It’s a Class 6, which is at the top of the speed scale for SDHC.

  3. Alberto Lopez


    Woo hoo! Dude, you so rock. High-speed SD 8GB for $30. I picked up two of ’em.

    Thanks again.

    PS: Transcend should give you a slice of their windfall just because of this post! :=>)

  4. Ihnatko Post author

    I think the price drop is due to the fact that Transcend is rolling out their new 16 gig cards (which is an INSANE amount of storage to put on a postage stamp-sized object). The new cards occupy the old 8G price point.

    16 gigs is finally out of my comfort zone. If there’s any sort of advantage to smaller cards, it’s that a card failure doesn’t wipe out all of your photos or take all of your storage out of play.

    When my drive crashed on the first day of Macworld Expo, I had to bench my 8 gig card and shoot with the 4 and 2 gig cards exclusively…I knew that I could “undelete” the Sunday photos I’d erased, if I didn’t write new stuff onto the thing. 16 gigs is more than enough storage for even a big trip like San Francisco and if that’s all I’d brought…I’d have been kind of screwed.

  5. Nik

    I purchased one of those $28 cards, only to get charged $76 by Amazon! (the adjusted price was in my email confirmation — I ordered with 1 click, so I didn’t get a receipt on the site itself)

    Did anyone else have this same problem?

  6. Ihnatko Post author

    Hmm…I double-checked and I was charged thirty bucks and change (the correct listed price). Definitely take this up with Amazon. I note that the price has even gone DOWN since I bought my cards (which arrived the other day in good nick).

  7. Nik

    Andy, I got a response from Amazon that suggested I was confused by the “Amazon Marketplace” and the real price. Do you possibly have a screenshot of your receipt you could send my way so I can verify this to the Amazon folks?

    nik oh seven at i nik dot net is my email.

    Thanks, and I love the new site!

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