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Dash it, I never got around to posting my schedule for Macworld Expo. I mean, see that cool “upcoming appearances” thingy in the sidebar? It so easy to add stuff to it. And I had so much stuff to add. Yet…

So before I forget: I will indeed be attending the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado @ Boulder again this year. The sumbitch starts on Monday, April 7 and runs through Friday the 11th. The whole thing’s open to the public, so feel free to drop by.

Part of the charm (or “charm,” depending on how well things work out) of this conference is that as a speaker, you have no idea what topics you’ll be speaking about until the end of March, usually. And this is actually an improvement over the way this thing used to be run; you wouldn’t know until you actually arrived in Boulder. All you knew was that they’d deliberately not assign you to panels that were well within your expertise.

But they do post the list of speakers as the confirmations trickle in. Here’s this year’s batch. I’m not on it yet because while I’ve been invited and have accepted, naturally the little card I was supposed to send back is off having a little “The Goonies” adventure of its own somewhere in my office. But I’m coming and they know I’m coming, trust me.

So. See if any names tend to leap out at you from that list. I’ll wait.


Yup, him too. Unbelievable!

Annnnd him. Well-spotted. James Randi is the one that actually scares me. When I get to meet him, I’m probably going to be wearing astronaut diapers or something to prevent the fanboy-pee from becoming an embarrassing issue.

I bought my first Randi book when I was but a slip of a lad; in these days when books were paper things instead of a special tube of eyedrops that could be rematerialized into your home or office via the now-ubiquitous Envistibo-Platform, we had to special-order “books” at “bookstores” at the “mall.”

I’ve been pleased to meet a lot of my childhood and current idols, but although I am hellaciously looking forward to meeting Mr. Biafra, every time I’m in a room with Mr. Randi my #1 active process will be a little-used daemon entitled “dontBeAnAss.pdev”.

Like I said, I’ve no idea what panels I’ll be on or with whom I’ll be speaking. Though I can usually count on being assigned to a panel on New Media versus Old Media, where I’ll be cast in the role of the crusty old newspaperman who Just Doesn’t Get The Internet and who insists that unless it’s published on paper, it’s not Real Journalism.

They do ask for topic suggestions. I sent in about a dozen. Just in case none of the others hit home, I decided to go for broke with the last one:

“How Technology And Journalism Relate To Skepticism, Magic, 80’s Punk, Animation, And Sitcoms Set During The Korean War: A Fairly Pathetic Attempt On Andy Ihnatko’s Part To Try To Get On Panels With People He’s Excited About Maybe Meeting”

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