New YouTube video: “Subliminal Tuesday”

My final video from Macworld Expo. This video was inspired by the sight of watching my photos flash through the screen as I imported them into iPhoto from my memory card. I shot so many sequences of photos that at regular intervals, wow…it turned into stop-motion video…!

This was due to the fact that I was shooting JPEG to conserve space. I was able to hold down the shutter and shoot continuously for as many frames as I wanted, pretty much. Normally I shoot RAW, which creates such huge files that the camera’s buffer fills up and it has to stop while it desperately writes data to the memory card.

I might have to do more of these. Maybe not for public consumption, but just as Something Neat To Have. As I look at the stack of photos, I note that this is, in fact, a record of everything I saw over the course of the day which I thought was interesting and that I’d be likely to remember.

The only undocumented bits were meetings, briefings, appearances, and other situations where hauling out a camera and firing away could be considered Uncouth. But overall, this is indeed everything I’d be likely to remember from a particular day. It’s like I dumped my entire short-term memory to permanent storage. Weird.

No, “weird” is the fact that on just about every day of the show, I had an HD camcorder in my bag…and yet I didn’t take it out even once.

11 thoughts on “New YouTube video: “Subliminal Tuesday”

  1. India Juliet


    This is captivating, and I am now going to determine whether my Canon point and shot has these capabilities.

    Very inspiring.

    Great well to tell a story

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    @India – Interesting, innit? Like I said, I shot JPEG out of necessity — I couldn’t use my one “big” 8 gig card so I needed to make a 4 gig card last all day — but as the day progressed it allowed me to try out a “blast ’em” shooting style. You know…where you’re less cautious about identifying The Decisive Moment and merely hold the shutter button down for a few seconds, trusting that at least one of the 12 shots will be “right.”

    @Kris – Exported the pictures from iPhoto as 640×480, then converted them to QuickTime with iStopMotion. The app’s designed for doing stop-motion animation but it lets you drag a folder of JPEGs into the app.

    I happened to have a few apps on my hard drive that could convert 600 JPEGs into a QuickTime (including iPhoto itself) but only iStopMotion lets you set the frame rate. A couple of trial-and-errors resulted in the video I wanted, which was than embellished with music and titles in iMovie.

    iStopMotion is a pretty neat app. I might have to do a FlickrMovie of my Alcatraz photos next. I’m usually very careful about cutting the day’s enormous pile of shots down to just a gracious 5-10% but as I said, it’s interesting to have a quick peek at “everything I felt was worth photographing that day.”

  3. GreginChicagoland

    A few items. First off, love the new site! Secondly, great use of photos. This links for me nicely to a recent gift of a book made from iphoto to my folks and the issue we face in taking pictures now. We are simply rattling off a ton of pics and now faced with what to do with them. While we are still hell-bent on getting the money shot, we are finding that the in-between shots can help tell a story. My video camera is aging by the day, and I still shoot some video for youtube, it’s great to have tools like this to help tell a story.

    Lastly, thanks for taking shots of the various location shots. Since most of the Mac journalists, including of course yourself, have been to these events a million times, folks like me have been to zero, and I think some lose sight of that. It’s nice to get a sense of the space and appreciate the pandamonium of it all as a Mac geek who hasn’t been to one…yet.


  4. ShameyReed

    iStopMotion as recently offered in latest MacHeist package which was discussed on perhaps one of the most interesting MacBreak Weakly episodes (#74) in recent memory. I had great fun with iStopMotion while documenting a complex architectural conservation project in Central Park. Another great ap is Gawker for multi camera capture. Great sequence Pundito– made me think about those classic Levi commercials with the yodeling.

  5. bloggy48

    Hey, that’s pretty neat! Love the innovation of it.

    I hear the Information Awareness Office is looking for photographers if your day job thingy doesn’t pan out. :-0

  6. Ihnatko Post author

    @OwlBoy – That would be the magnificently-fabulous Nikon D80, also known as “that thing I’ve had around my neck practically since the day I bought it.” It shoots at something less than 3 frames per second max, and like I said it can only keep that rate up for more than a couple of seconds if you’re shooting JPEG instead of RAW.

  7. lcarsos

    What is that third song that plays? The one with a techno vibe to it? If I could figure this out I could let my brain concentrate on more important things.

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