Testinge, Testinge

Pardon me, folks. Just testing out a new offline blog post creation-ey, edit-ey, post-ey thingy.

Yes indeed, the Selection Committee has yet to declare a winner in the Great CWOB Offline Editor Competition of 2007-2008. You can’t rush these things. Do you have any idea how much hookers and blow the Olympic Venue Selection Committee worked their way through before choosing London for 2012?

I won’t say which editor this one is. I will allow that I rather like it so far. For now, I’ve been keeping both Ecto and MarsEdit open and every time I post, I pick whatever icon’s most handy. I’m adding this third one to the rotation. Let’s see how it does.

11 thoughts on “Testinge, Testinge

  1. Ihnatko Post author

    @Gui – Haven’t tried Blogo but I will certainly do so…thanks for the suggestion.

    @Matthew – Could you link to the post? This was on Fireball, right? I don’t remember seeing anything like that.

    My guess would be “no.” This app’s slightly out of left field. But it works fairly well. Definitely more of a “word processor that can post to blogs” than a true publishing tool like ecto or MarsEdit.

  2. Matthew Hinton

    I don’t have the link I think it was in his twitter feed. The application you are looking at sounds interesting. I have tried Mars Edit and I bought Ecto but neither one is really a best of breed type application.

  3. Mike

    Wow, I didn’t realize the IOC was planning so far ahead these days…. Do you think they’ll be allowing genetically augmented humaniods to complete by 2112?

  4. JIm Edwards

    I just got hooked on Qumana @ http://qumana.com
    It seems to be dealing with images well and the interface is fantastic, I can insert photos, manipulate their position, and manage several blogs at one time…..my only drawback is that I haven’t found a way to create new categories via the app.

  5. Eric

    Any update on the Great CWOB Offline Editor Competition of 2007-2008? I understand that you are probably still working your way through all of the hookers and blow, but I am waiting anxiously so that I may mindlessly follow your decision. Please don’t force me into actually looking at these applications myself.

    Keep up the good work so that I don’t have to…

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