New YouTube video: “In The Air”

Yes, fellow sensation-seekers, it’s time for another video from Macworld Expo. And this time…I actually talk about stuff regarding the actual show!

I’ve been home for five days and I already miss that huge bathtub. My own bathtub is that common sort of pathetic Bathtub-Shaped Object whose sole purpose is to just prevent the water from slopping onto the floor when you shower. I’d forgotten how nifty it is to just settle into a cubic yard of hot, fresh water and read comics until your fingers and feet get all pruny.

Just one more Macworld video is coming…then it’s on to new business.

8 thoughts on “New YouTube video: “In The Air”

  1. Michelle

    The two big complaints I really have about the itunes rental stuff (other than TV episodes are still too expensive so I still can’t get rid of Netflix), is the 24 hours to watch it in, and the lack of a subscription model. When I fly, I routinely will start a movie on the flight out, and finish it on the flight back. There’s no way I can do that with the current rental model. Why not do a Netflix type of thing where you can have 3 movies out or something, and you can’t “rent” anything else until you “finish” or “return” what you’ve currently rented? Also even though we may only watch 6 or so movies a month from Netflix, it’s still much cheaper for us to deal with Netflix than to rent those 6 movies through Itunes.

    Hopefully they’ll get a rental model out soon – if they did that then I’d probably buy an Apple TV.

  2. Norman Ferguson

    Andy, there’s a positive movement in my consideration of the idea that recommending that you do all future video podcasts from the comfort of a bathtub (wherever you happen to be at the moment) may in fact be an appropriately quirky choice. Head wear optional.

  3. Adam

    Enjoying your thoughts in the video podcasts, but an audio feed would be great to load onto an iPod next to MBW. :-)

  4. Ihnatko Post author

    @Norman – I need to start a fundraising campaign to have a nice whirlpool bath installed in my house. $13,000 ought to do it. I think if we can get matching funds from Exxon we can make it happen…

  5. Ihnatko Post author

    @Adam – Interesting. My policy is indeed “more people reading/watching/listening to something is good” and saving these videos as audio podcasts would fall in line with that sane mandate.

    The only real qualm I have is that when I do the videos, I’m willing to sacrifice audio quality for my personal convenience. For the bathtub videos, I had a little tie-clip mic on the edge of the tub but otherwise, I didn’t really care about the acoustics. When I do the “real” podcasts (two in the can so far) I do it at my iMac with a proper M-Audio mic and everything.

    I’ll have to ponder on this one. But it’s a good idea.

  6. Ihnatko Post author

    @Michelle – The only hitch with a Netflix-like deal is the limited selection on the iTunes Store. You’d probably burn through all of the titles you want in a couple of month, and would then the only thing justifying your $10 a month (or whatever) would be the new releases.

    But I know what you mean. I rented “Ratatouille” when I got back to my hotel after the keynote, so I could write about the experience…but then I thought, damn, if I start playing this now I won’t be able to watch it on my flight home. :)

    Still, I’m v.pleased that rentals are now here. I can’t justify buying movies from the Store (makes so much more sense to buy the actual DVD and then rip it, right?) but the classic niche is using your last twenty minutes’ worth of hotel internet access to acquire something to watch on the flight home.

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