New YouTube video is up: “In The Soup”

(While I’m in San Francisco without a secure connection to the Internet, I shall be posting sneakily via my flickr feed.)

Second of what will probably be three Macworld Expo-related videos is now up. In this edition, our hero reflects on the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and demos something interesting he picked up on the show floor.

No, not the Norovirus. I Tony Shaloub-ed my way through TWO bottles of Purell this week and have been rewarded with good health.

Flying home on the redeye tonight, so I’m doing the usual game of 3-D Tetris in my hotel room trying to get everything I bought to San Francisco and everything I acquired while here into two checked bags and two carryons. Then it’s off to the ferry terminal for a tour of Alcatraz. Over the years I keep bumping into a park ranger who’s offered to show me parts of the island that aren’t on the tour and quite sensibly, I’ve finally taken him up on it.

So yes: the other thing I’m doing this morning is clearing all of my camera’s memory cards.

I can’t wait to see those Civil War-era tunnels that Sean Connery used to excape The Rock back in the Nineties!

4 thoughts on “New YouTube video is up: “In The Soup”

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  2. Jes

    sitting in a tub of water with an electronic gadget about and no Kimono. have we not learned from the previous incident?

    wait! did you just say you have ‘ovaries’?

    we all get ‘hosed’ with our gadgets, but The Lord answered your question. Did He not? The true question is how did you react. Did you follow Job’s example or speak foolishly as his wife? Now you’ve got this hd that’s bigger than the tub you’re sitting in just to extend Liith # (fill in this blank ) for a while until the new laptop comes in ’09. More pics. More videos. More workspace. Wonderful. You my darling are set! Hope you sold enough books during MW.

    Andrew! that was gross! Are you a medically trained and state licensed OB/GYN?! Your masthead ‘about’ section differs. No spreading of any bones. Now if you were to add buck-teeth and a few straws to this whole thing it would make a nice Jerry Lewis parody.

  3. Noel

    Oh, yes. The smell and sound of peculating coffee, from a percolator. I instantly know were you were going with this analogy Andy, the second you mention percolator. The smell of burnt coffee grounds after comming in direct contact with the heating eliminate, and the taste of bitter coffee because it had to recirculate through the spent coffee grounds. You need not explain that your hard drive had died. I was with you from the start.

    (Ok close narcissisms tags.)

    Of all the opportunities your hard drive had to die it had to be now, I wonder if it has some thing to do with drastic changes in elevation. I assumed you flow in to San Fransisco, so it some thing to think about, hmmm.

    And just for the record I don’t drink coffee.

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