YouTube Video 02 – “The Kindle Constitutional”

Welp, this ain’t going to be a weekly feature, sensation-seekers, but I realized that I prolly ought to get this second YouTube video up this week. It’s pretty clear that it was shot just before Christmas. Golly…way back then, you wouldn’t dare walk outside without some sort of jacket. If I tried to pass this off as something I did in January, nobody would believe me.

It turns out that all those NBC Christmas specials got it exactly right: walking through Central Park on the weekend before Christmas is just like walking through a Hallmark card. It’s damned pretty, and everybody comes out of the woodwork to have a Treasured Holiday Moment. Even those who do choose to engage in public urination do so discreetly.

Your Crane Shot

Check out my Flickr feed for a bunch of shots from my latest trip to NYC on CBS’ dime.

18 thoughts on “YouTube Video 02 – “The Kindle Constitutional”

  1. Shane

    Urgh. I didn’t get motion sickness watching Blair Witch Project, but I don’t feel so good now after watching 2 minutes of this one. Sorry Andy, I just couldn’t get through it (at least, not if I wanted my dinner to maintain its digestive state).

    The Kindle does seem cool, though. Too bad I don’t see it ever getting released in Australia so I won’t be able to enjoy its almighty Kindleness..

  2. Lloyd

    I really liked this one. The informal style made it feel more interactive, sort of like we were on the walk with you.

  3. Ihnatko Post author

    I used the same tabletop telescoping tripod that I used for the first video, and held the thing as a stick. Shooting that way is a lot of fun; I shot a third video in which I slowly spun in place and that was a cool effect (me rock-solid, Central Park swooshing behind me nonstop). But I got a bit dizzy doing it, and watching it later.

    When I got back home I was happy to find that I had all the raw materials necessary to build a better version of this stick. I just broke apart another tabletop tripod ($5 from the MIT Flea), liberated the metal adjustable tripod head from it, and screwed it into a monopod. Works a treat, gives me a lot more range, and the finished stick looks as though I have an actual budget for these things. :)

    Some folks don’t like the motion. Hmm. I thought that it’d be fine, given that it’s being delivered in a little fixed window. I won’t be using this technique with every video but I will indeed try to slow down or otherwise stabilize the shot better.

  4. Clint


    Speaking of video…

    Has someone posted a clip (probably to YouTube) of your latest escapade on CBS Morning? I would love to see what you came up with this time!

    Best wishes, Clint

  5. Shane

    By all means do the occasional walking video. I don’t normally get motion sickness from camera work and I have no idea what set me off this time. *shrug* It’s not going to stop me checking back for more vids.

  6. Ihnatko Post author

    @jordan – I know of and dig the $14 Steadicam. I don’t think it’d work really well for this sort of shot, though…and I’m not sure if I’m up to the challenge of holding a 3-pound rig at arm’s length in front of me as I walk…!

  7. Shawn Levasseur

    Andy, Did you move to New Brunswick? I just noticed the posting times on my comment is one hour into the future. You might want to update your time zone in WordPress, or check to see if DST is still on.

  8. ClintMacD


    > Unless I’ve lost track and Andy’s been back on the Morning show since Christmas. His last visit can be seen at: […]


    I was amused to read the elapsed time indicator for the video: “Playing 0.00/4.21.82823333333333333333333.” Someone doesn’t remember his or her significant figures!

    Best wishes, Clint

  9. Jim Lunsford

    You were concerned about not getting the musician in the shot but what about those horses! The horses of The Consolidated Association of Horses deserve royalties too! I’m calling the HIAA and the HPAA.

    Keep up the good work Andy. I really enjoy the new videos.

  10. Ihnatko Post author

    @Tina – Heh! Cool. They were very kind with the caricature…!

    @Jim – I have ethics: I had some scab horses bused in from Trenton.

  11. Shane

    Is the comment subscription feature working (or at least doing so in an intuitive manner)? I don’t appear to be getting email notifications (and they’re not filling up my spam folder either). Or have I missed the point of comment subscriptions?

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