What happens to naughty iPod cassette adapters…

I just remembered that the LAST time a cassette adapter refused to play ball, I administered a little street justice and then cameraphoned a pic to Flickr.

Broken iPod cassette adapter

In my defense, this wasn’t a case of rage. It was acting up so badly (flipping sides every twenty seconds or so) that I immediately pulled into a Best Buy and bought a new one. Back at the car, as I broke the new one out of the package, I noticed that a crack in the pavement was exactly the right width for getting a little closure on my relationship with the old adapter.

I breathed in, I let it out, and then I uttered a calm and centering mantra:

“This is my iPod cassette adapter. I own it. It is an inanimate object with no feelings. If it would amuse me to jam it into this crack and then use that leverage to kick it into many, many pieces — in a calm and efficient manner, in which I do not lose any control of my anger — then there are absolutely no ethical or moral hindrances standing in my way.”

And so, I did.

I did feel a little better afterward.

5 thoughts on “What happens to naughty iPod cassette adapters…

  1. Tony

    I had the same thing happen to my cassette adapter. Of course mine left the car at a cool 65 mph. Boy did that feel good.

  2. Timothy

    Though I am sure replacing the stereo is, in the long run, a better solution, I have fixed the auto reversing in the past by popping open the adapter, removing all of the innards except the actual wiring and magnetic head and putting it all back together. It’s been a while, so I won’t speak for the reliability of this method, but not working at all is probably less infuriating than sort of working.

  3. Jes

    I was wondering about that shot.

    I can’t relate. I’ve had the same Sony cassette adapter since 1999. Cost me $10.
    These new fangled adapters ‘made just for iPods’ are bogus. I saw a few models at Radio Shack (oooooooooooh Radio Shack-sorry) for $20+.
    My adapter has outlasted my ’94 Panasonic cd player, two cars, two ex’s, and three dogs! Man I miss those dogs and that five-speed!

    It works great with my 5th gen iPod. Uh oh, I can’t find the box of electronics. An IKEA box in a box is missing…need to remember.

  4. curtismchale

    A cassette adaptor. I don’t even know if I have a cassette player around let alone in my car. When was the last time a car came with a tape player?

  5. nobody

    I’ve had a sony adapter with the same problem.
    Just open it up, apply a small amount of WD-40, wipe of excess, put back together, good as new.

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