A video podcast? Do you even care?

The first YouTube video was a pretty great success, thanks in no small part to a generous linky-linky from my close personal friend Phil Plait, aka the Bad Astronomer. It quickly reached about 1000 hits, and lots of folks said some nice things, so: cool.

But there have been a bunch of requests to publish it as a video podcast in addition to a YouTube channel. The obvious advantage of YouTube is that you just upload the bloody thing and then bob’s your uncle.

I’m no expert on Cockney slang, but here I’m interpreting “Bob’s your uncle” to mean “You won’t get hit with a $3,500 hosting bill because your 40-megabyte .MP4 video unexpectedly got Slashdotted and was downloaded 5,000 times” Which admittedly isn’t the sort of thing you’d expect a chimneysweep to say, but there you go.

So here’s your chance to chime in. If you feel strongly one way or the other about a vodcast of these things, let me know in comments.

33 thoughts on “A video podcast? Do you even care?

  1. Derek

    I think as long as you continue to post updates with the embedded YouTube video in them, everyone will be your uncle…..or whatever.

  2. RickFu

    Good morning fellow Internet weenie,

    I just watched your video Internationally Beloved Technology Columnist and I was thinking that this would be a great podcast to which I could subscribe. And now here is your question! So I must say yes. Absolutely “yes!”

    While there seems to be no shortage of tech punditry these days, you have a unique and humorous voice that would be a welcome addition to my Podcast OPML.

  3. Bruce

    I’d like a video podcast, but for heaven’s sake, please provide the following formats:
    High def 720P in H.264
    Matroska video (MKV)
    Large QuickTime version
    iPod ready version

    Thanks. And I’d like viable fusion energy within 5 years, Mid East peace, and a pony too.

    Seriously – the YouTube channel is more than enough.No to a video podcast.

  4. Don

    Hell yes!

    Get yourself a free blip.tv account.

    Use tubemogul to upload to YouTube and Blip.tv simultaneously.

    Blip.tv will transcode the video into multiple formats, host the file for free, give you unlimited bandwidth along with RSS feeds for iTunes, Miro and vanilla RSS plus give you a “show” page.

    No affiliation, just wanted to share the info.

  5. Shane

    If you can’t provide it in Ogg Theora 10.1 Mega Surround with subtitles in Esperanto, I would never download and it would prove beyond a doubt that you are nothing but an elitist proprietary Apple apologist.


    YouTube embeds in your blog are more than enough for me as I, like many technology minded but financially challenged individuals don’t have a portable video player and therefore would have to be in front of the computer anyway.


    Your choice.

  6. Mike

    Actually, If you could possibly recode each frame of the video into ASCII art so I can play it on my iPhone’s Amiga emulator that would be ideal….

    ….or the YouTube thing….. whichever…..

  7. Iso

    I am voting for sticking to the YouTube posts. The vidcast will just be extra work, which won’t be much fun no matter how swanky your lodgings might be. Personally, I like the embedded video better anyway. Most of us are neglecting our jobs and sitting in front of Google Reader anyway, and it’s too risky to try to sync my iPod at my workstation.

    So, I believe I speak for the job-neglecting cubicle-dwelling blog-reading demographic when I say: YouTube please!


  8. Moeskido

    Mr. I., I very much like the idea of watching you in your own video series. You rarely fail to entertain.

    I imagine efforts like Mr. Mann’s “The Merlin Show” must somehow be part of a larger scheme to generate the revenue necessary to pay for its bandwidth needs, but I can’t yet see how. I’m not especially fond of Youtoob, but I imagine any free video hosting site should work well for your needs, provided their setup gives you a good-looking page to organize your posts.

  9. Chad

    While it would be more work and while it may cause more stress than being a diabetic at a pie bake-off, I for one would very much love it if you, Mr Ihnatko, in your witty and sarcastic way, would give us, the beloved audience, a chance to subscribe through that abyss known as iTunes, to your weekly, if not bi-weekly (behave), video podcast of wisdom (yes, a VPW…trademark it). Why nothing would give me greater joy than to have your intelligence all over my iPhone.

    Of course unless I was offered that ever so sought after position of reading porn to the blind. Then I must say you fall to #2.

  10. Katie

    Dear BTP,

    I LIKE it! I LOVE it! I want some more OF it! Toward that end, I say do whatever is cheapest, easiest, and/or funnest (word?) for Your Belovedness to commit to on a recurring if not consistent basis.

    If you post it, they will come. Even Uncle Bob.

  11. murr

    Just watched you inside of Netnewswire Lite. That’s more than enough for me. If you start with the “heavy lifting” then “Great Expectations” arise. Like that audio podcast that seemed to die after your blood transfusion. Afterall, how much bloodletting can one Internationally Beloved Technology Columnist afford. On a straight note: I hope your mom is doing well!

  12. Noah Ramon

    I have to agree – whie the podcast thing would be NICE, YouTube has the advantage of working, being available now, and being free.

    But if you wanted to pay the big bucks for hosting something I could show my friends from my iPod, I certainly wouldn’t complain one jot.

    (In addition to Blip, there’s also similar-alikes like Revver that allow downloads, although they insert tail-end advertising into your video as well.)

  13. ShameyReed

    A mere four leagues into the wilderness and Captain Lewis is letting our merry band (pi) choose which direction to take?! This must be a trick…a test of loyalty… or an assessment of our esprit de corp…hmm…think, think, think.

    Ok here it is. Like most technorati weenies I subscribe to podcasts, vodcasts & blogs. Sometimes the personalities do cross over between categories (which is quite nice) but I usually associate each of my favorite content generators with one format that I feel is their forte.

    For Monsieur Ihnatko that is blog, not because I don’t enjoy his melodious voice and witty repartee on MBW, or because I am intimidated by his dashing good looks on tv & video– its just that I like to read what he has to say. I therefore vote for YouTube embedded in blog- that way I get the icing when I order the cake, or the cart when I order the horse or whatever. With iPhone & Kindle aren’t we moving back to giving propers to the written word anyway?

    Lead on Captain. I’ll follow no matter which path you choose.

  14. Heger

    Greetings exalted one,

    for someone of your profession, you value the ability to buy food to high :)

    One of the cheapest and probably easiest things is to use your dotMac-account( I assume you have one), because they offer 100 GB of traffic a month and shut you down after that.

    Or you could of corse ask one of Podcasting or Netcasting buddies. Unless you aren’t the real Andy Ihnatko ;)

  15. Matt

    Stick with youTube. As long as you put them in a post on the blog like you did thats enough. If people want to see what you are doing they will adjust. And if you want to do the podcast and dont want to pay for the hosting of it use podshow. its free!! and then use a wordpress plugin to make it part of the blog i think the name of the plugin is podpress but i am not sure.

  16. Jason Clark

    Just keep embedding your YouTube missives here on the site, and everyone wins…. you don’t have to pay for hosting, your RSS feed tells when there is new content to watch, and we don’t ever have to actually visit youtube.com.

    If you really want to do a podcast, my vote is for an audio podcast…. after all, MBW is only on once a week, and I can’t (well, shouldn’t) watch video whilst driving.

  17. Marc

    Just leave it on youtube. It’s simpler I think. I second creating your own podcast. Or if nothing else show up on TWIT more often. Dvorak is really making me think that I need to stop listening to the show. This cranky geek thing is going to his head.

  18. MortSubite

    Just youtube is fine thanks. Once your media empire is firmly established and pending buyouts are being reported in Valleywag, et. al then you can use that fat VC check to pay for file hosting (and nerf guns).

  19. RickA

    A podcast on iTunes please – so I can watch it on my iPhone while commuting on the train. When I’m not reading my copy of “iPhone Fully loaded”, that is. Oh, did you see what I did there?

  20. ShameyReed

    Is this a straight poll or a caucus? Hello Mr. RickA- you look like an intelligent gentleman- have you noticed this nice plate of home made cupcakes, sure go ahead and help yourself, just step into this little cordoned off area labeled pro-YouTube group and if you wouldn’t mind too much just raise your hand while you choke down your nice cupcake. Very good. Thank you.

    Excuse me Bruce..are you hungry?

  21. ~bc

    I second the vote for blip.tv – easy videopodcasting hosting. Here’s why: it would seem a beloved technology pundit would be participating in cutting edge activities like podcasting. It’s simply the the right thing to do.

  22. Stuart

    From the land of the Cockneys – be nice to have any video podcasts you do on iTunes as well as YouTube- iTunes is very automatic process for the less technology-able amongst us. Anyway – you are always a pleasure to hear or read.

  23. David

    Well, it all depends. If you are going to have dancing girls as a regular feature then I would definitely like to have them (and you, of course) automatically downloaded to me via iTunes. No dancing girls, then just stick with YouTube.

  24. Topher

    There are many ways to publish- just get your message to the people. Since you are a tech guy, you might like to learn the in-and-outs of podcasting on the cheap, or even just podcasting in general.

    Who knows: you might stop earning money doing this (mimes typing 110 words a minute) to this (mimes wagging jaw senselessly and projecting a dimpled million-dollar smile.)

  25. Ihnatko Post author

    Yup, it definitely looks as though I should publish these things on vodcast as well as YouTube. It’s now officially on the List.

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