Initial YouTubery

I did mention a while back that I wanted to try a bunch of new things as I elevated my Colossal Waste of Bandwidth into the Celestial range. One of ’em is to start exploiting the fact that the saps at YouTube are willing to give me free storage and bandwidth on their servers.

At some point these naive young kids are going to wise up and realize that there’s no way to make money on Internet distribution of video. I mean, get real. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers believe this so fervently that they’re willing to drag the entire nation into a yearlong strike to defend their business of the insane demands of writers who insist on sticking their greedy little ink-stained hands into an empty till.

It’s all explained on the AMPTP site. Via an Internet video.

So it’s probably smart to get in on this before YouTube’s investors finally pull the plug, all of the company’s gelato tables and ping-pong machines are put up on eBay, and redirects to a Latvian porn site.

I’ve made three 10-minute videos so far. They’re fun to put together…particularly with iMovie ’08. These videos are iMovie’s first “live-fire” exercise and I gotta say that I’m ready to take sides: iMovie ’08 isn’t a wonderful upgrade for everybody, but for people like me who just want an efficient tool for turning a camera full of raw video into something short and presentable, it’s a big win.

10 thoughts on “Initial YouTubery

  1. ShameyReed

    WOW. Holy Cow– AHCWoB(BETA) on Video. Its like watching Lewis & Clark cross the Mississippi into the wild uncharted future. But hey, where is Lilith? Even Regis doesn’t crowd K(elly)/(athy) off of the camera all the time. And what is the story with the hat? Who is you haberdasher? and is this the first or just the latest in a series?….

  2. laanba

    I look forward to future additions as well. I am not in the “put stickers on your beautiful Mac hardware” camp, but I guess if any sticker should go on an iPod, a Newton sticker should.

  3. romzburg

    1) I also have been wondering about Lilith, not having read or heard a reference in quite a while.

    2) I refuse to make a joke about being “board” in a hotel room that references being “nailed” in a hotel room, because I am too damned classy for that.

  4. Ihnatko Post author

    @romzburg – I’m in the process of transitioning between Lilith 7 and 8. Lilith 7 needs a rest; the DVD is gone, and two keys on the keyboard simply don’t work — and yet somehow I haven’t officially designated this MacBook as Lilith 8. For now, Lilith 7 is set up on my desk with a wireless keyboard and mouse and still puts in a full day’s work

    But the fact that it can’t really be carried around the house or around the country means that my MacBook is steadily becoming my “go to” Mac for daily work, so the day of transition is at hand. It’s not official until Lilith is fully badged.

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