iTunes Advent Calendar: Day 24

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire)

Tony Bennett

Snowfall – The Tony Bennett Christmas Album

Genre: Holiday

Blah, Blah, Blah: Honestly, I think the only thing you need to say when linking to a Tony Bennett song is “Ladies and gentlemen…Mister Tony Bennett.”

This is my second-most-favorite Christmas song, sung by my single most favorite singer. I’m absolutely not an atheist, but I’m not religious either. Though I certainly appreciate and enjoy the songs that celebrate the birth of Jesus, I can’t really relate to them on the same level as someone who Believes. Primarily I like them because a Believer has sung them with considerable passion and joy.

But The Christmas Song pushes my buttons. What I like most about Christmas are the huge collection of positive sense-memories I’ve acquired over the past 219 years, plus the fact that everyone seems to declare a cease-fire for a couple of weeks. No matter what your faith (or non-faith) we all sort of agree not to act like d***s for this narrow window.

And that’s what this song is all about. It offers a cascade of sights and sounds and smells that digs up all kinds of treasures from that part of your brain where your deep-mojo happy thoughts are stored. And it ends with the phrase “Although it’s been said, many times, many ways: Merry Christmas to you.” Which sums it up for me: it’s a basic sentiment that people are going out of their way to wish people well.

Incidentally, my pal Mark Evanier has a terrific story about the most incredible performance of this song he’s ever witnessed. Read it. Lots of happy chemicals will be dumped into your bloodstream.

Why I Bought It In The First Place: I refer you to the words “Tony Bennett” prominently displayed among the track info.

4 thoughts on “iTunes Advent Calendar: Day 24

  1. Myra J (at home)

    Andy, I click on a link you supply and I’m never disappointed, that’s why I click. So tonight I clicked, and read the story by Mark Evanier, and it brought a smile to my face. It is a lovely story, I’m still smiling.

  2. Blogbarger

    I wish you were a Believer. I don’t suppose there is any way to convince you, eh? I read your book on OS X Tiger and I became an instant Andy fan. I look forward to the BS you and the panel provide on MacBreak Weekly with each update. Funny stuff but good stuff.

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