iPhone: Fully Loaded gets BoingBoinged!

My parents aren’t in my age group. So if I call the house and say “Great news, Mom…my book got BoingBoinged!” there’ll probably be a few seconds of silence and then a very tentative “That’s…lovely, dear.” I’m not sure that they’ll understand why this is such cool news.

(How old are they? They’re way too young to respond to “We’ve won a contract from Uncle Sam to provide 50,000 copies of my book for the war effort!” Let’s get that straight. They’re probably at the top end of the “It’s going to be an Oprah’s Book Club selection in January!” demographic.

Yup, getting a great notice from such a popular site will help get the word out on the book but it’s really spiffy to know that someone like Mark really dug it. I don’t think I’ve done a great job of concealing my own enthusiasm for this title, but honestly, at this time of year I spend a lot of time addressing packages using Sharpie markers. There’s always that nagging suspicion that the fumes have left me loopy and delusional.

So this makes me feel pretty damned good. Plus, this is one of those incredibly hectic days (make-or-break week on a huge project, friends) and some positive words from the outside world are very much appreciated.

Suffice to say that when I go out to lunch tomorrow, I will be ordering my usual slice of pizza…but with pepperoni.

1 thought on “iPhone: Fully Loaded gets BoingBoinged!

  1. Skwid

    Heh. I’ve been a Yellowtext reader for years (ever since I saw one of your hilarious posts over at Making Light), and I didn’t even know this blog was functioning until DEPATTY pointed it out to me in that thread on BoingBoing.

    Glad to see your writing in my RSS feed again!

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