iTunes Advent Calendar

What’s the best way to deal with failure? Why, hair of the dog, of course: leap straight into a situation that can manufacture even more failure.

Last year I wanted to do an iTunes Advent Calendar: a new iTunes Store recommendation every day from December 1 through Christmas Day. I had one very specific track in mind for December 25, but among the many limitations of my AppleScript blogger app is that you can’t pre-load a whole bunch of posts and have them deploy themselves on schedule automatically.

So success hinged on my ability to get to the keyboard and post something each and every day, and that sort of fell apart two or three weeks in.

But chin up. I predict that this year I shall arrive at Christmas garlanded with glory.

The other bit of coolness: this is the first place where I’ve moved my AppleScripts into WordPress. I go to iTunes, click on the track I’d like to talk about, fire an AppleScript and hey-presto…all of the formatting appears in the edit window.