WGA Strike

Honest to God…on top of all of the other reasons why the producers and networks are being jackasses, I have to wonder: do they really think they’re going to win a PR battle against highly-creative, well-motivated people who suddenly have all the free time in the world?

This video will open your eyes to two big things, in case you were previously unaware:

  1. The producers and networks are claiming to the writers and actors’ unions that there’s no value (None! No value! Where’s the value? Do you see any value? Oh, I suppose that the guy who uploaded the YouTube video of the cat in the orange-peel helmet made a million dollars! No way!) in Internet distribution…but when they’re talking to the viewers and analysts and stockholders, they insist the exact opposite.
  2. It turns out that nearly everyone you see on “The Office” is a Supervising Executive Senior Co-Producer or something.

That second thing sort of got me interested. It’s neat to learn that the actors who are usually just seen silently typing in the background are actually more than utility outfielders. I also wonder if their Producer credits mean that they’re sort of morally obligated to leave flaming bags of dog poo on their own doorsteps.