CBS Early Show

Kewl: I’m gonna be on th’ tee-vee again. Tune in to the CBS Early Show on Saturday the 24th (probably during the first hour of the show) where I’ll be talking about cool photo software that lets your $250 point-and-shoot act more like a $1500 digital SLR with a $3000 lens.

I think I’ve got a zero-sum proposition on my hands with this trip. The bad part of this — and I mean horribly, astonishingly, excrementally bad, potentially — is that I’ll be traveling on the day after Thanksgiving and on the day after that. It’s not nearly as bad as entering the transportation system on the Wednesday or the Sunday…but all the same, I’d better wear elbow and knee pads and make sure the taser’s charged and accessible.

The fantastically good news is that I’ll be NYC during the holiday season. It seems like a perfectly lovely time to be in New York. I’ve never seen the wandering carolers who stroll the pathways of Central Park after 1 AM. And I’ve never seen the Rockefeller Center tree, either. I think I’d better check it off my list before word gets out on this attraction. In a couple of years, it could get all touristy and nuts.

I won’t be there for the Macy’s Parade, but I’ll get into town for another Thanksgiving tradition: I can stand and take a firsthand look at what Society does to so-called “beloved” characters once they’ve served their purpose. Garfield, Snoopy, Dora The Explorer…once the parade is over, it doesn’t matter how much joy they’ve brought to however many thousands of people. Leeches will descend, punch out all of their air, and stick them in a dark, lonely place, where they shall never again see the light of day. Unless, of course, another occasion comes up when they can be exploited.

In New York, the day after Thanksgiving is a very Emo time, to be sure.