National Terrible Unfinished Novel-Writing Month: Day 6

I was too intimidated to return to Starbucks. I didn’t want to risk being shown up by the lady from yesterday.

Instead, I went to an independent coffeehouse. I was hoping that a nice cup of tea would set the scene nicely, but I got so distracted and frustrated trying to figure out how to work the complicated little teapot/press/juicer/whatever-it-is they gave me that I never got around to pretending to write. I didn’t pretend to write a single damned word.

Am now officially suffering from writer’s block. But is it preventing me from actually writing my National Terrible Unfinished Novel-Writing Month novel, or is it only preventing me from pretending to write my National Terrible Unfinished Novel-Writing Month novel in coffeeshops?

My head really hurts.

Day 6. Words written: 0.

2 Replies to “National Terrible Unfinished Novel-Writing Month: Day 6”

  1. You know, if I was trying to not write a novel as slowly as possible, I’d probably try to not write it on an iPhone…

    After all, I’m currently typing this on iPod Touch, and even though I find it much more comfortable than my old Treo, I still wouldn’t type a novel on it. Heck, as I type this I’m constantly afraid that something will go wrong and that I’ll lose this somewhat longish message.

    Imagine what it would be like to write (or not) a whole… Something.

    Anyway, just some thoughts I had while not reading your novel.

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