National Terrible Unfinished Novel-Writing Month: Day 4

New light bulb is working great. Read another three chapters of the Houdini biography. I was surprised to learn that the part of the act where he’d invite people from the audience to examine him for hidden keys and lockpicks had nothing to do with the escape trick. He just enjoyed it when strangers touched him with hundreds of people watching.

I got cracking on the novel’s first sentence. Words seemed to simply flow from my fingers. Before I knew it, I had an exciting opening scene featuring a foppish viscount, highly-placed in the court of King George III. He is speaking with an ancient game warden, who spouts a disconnected babble of insane non-sequiturs; clearly the last random sparks thrown off from a brain that’s only hours from death.

More than 1800 words of pure dialogue! I had no idea where it all came from. It’s a gift.

Then I looked up and realized that the TV was on CNN. I’d just spent the previous twenty minutes transcribing a Larry King interview with Orlando Bloom.

Still, I typed a lot. That counts for something.

Day 4, words written: 1879.

4 thoughts on “National Terrible Unfinished Novel-Writing Month: Day 4

  1. Myra J

    I’m very happy to hear that you are enjoying your new light bulb. So now, are you really trying to write this thing or are you just fooling around?

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    National Terrible Unfinished Novel Writing Month posts are for amusement purposes only. No warranty of actual novel-writing is expressed or implied. Member FDIC. Some contents may have settled. Etc.

  3. Steve T

    It’s rare that my monday morning commute is a pleasurable experience, nooooooo.

    You’ve hit just the right spot, so today will be an exception for me.

    (note to self: read more, work less)


  4. Myra J (from work)

    I like the idea that I can procrastinate watching you procrastinate Andy. Most of today has amounted to tweaking one pixels worth of website. But you know what? Happy Election Day tomorrow! I get to stay home all day and play with my Leopard (purrrrr).

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