National Terrible Unfinished Novel-Writing Month: Day 3

Purchased bulb. Wasn’t happy with it. Took it back to Home Depot. Was forced to accept store credit so I bought a packet of aluminum washers with the $1.23. Then I used the washers to jam up the Pepsi machine outside the employee breakroom. Revenge is sweet.

Created a new Word file for my NaTeUnNoWiMo project. Got hung up on the filename. There was an infomercial on for some sort of exercise ball and after spending a not-unreasonable twenty minutes watching shiny, sculpted women wriggle and twist over the thing, the announcer said a word that seemed okay.

“Intensity,” I typed into the “Save” dialog.

Good stuff. It’ll look fab on the cover, particularly if it’s a paperback with foil embossing and they decide to really exploit my fame as a technology columnist.

(Gold foil, small lettering:) Andy Ihnatko’s

(Red metallic foil, huge lettering:) INTENSITY

(Gold foil, smaller lettering than author name) by Andy Ihnatko

Spent rest of afternoon musing on whether that should be “A New Novel By Andy Ihnatko.” Ultimately rejected this idea; it would all have to fit on one line, and the four extra words would force them to make the second “Andy Ihnatko” a lot smaller.

Great day’s work. I felt like I really hit a groove.

Day Three. Total words written: 6. Double-digits tomorrow, for sure.