National Terrible Unfinished Novel-Writing Month: Day 2

Status Report:

Off to a fantastic start. Greatness cannot be rushed. Even incompetence benefits from spending an entire day thinking about what sort of light bulb I should buy for the reading lamp near the sofa.

Prosecuted this plan well. Decided to actually lie on the sofa to give this process extra verisimilitude. Read the first couple of chapters of the new Houdini biography I bought on Tuesday so that I would fully comprehend the need for proper illumination.

I had to turn on the main overhead light in order to read, but it threw so much glare into my peripheral vision that I had to go get my Colorado Buffaloes baseball cap and lower the bill over my eyes. Then I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until after the hardware store closed. But I collected some good data and I think I’m going to go with a 10-watt compact fluorescent.

If I include a scene in my NaTeUnNoWiMo novel in which someone naps on a sofa or mentions details about young Houdini’s tour stop in Lima, Ohio, I am going to be so totally ready.

Day 2. Total words written: 0.