Leopard: What’s it really worth?

Head on over to Macworld.com. I’ve posted a long piece in which I attach a dollar value to every major new feature of Leopard.

Macworld Feature: What’s Leopard really worth?

So how much is Leopard worth? If it were a collection of third-party utilities, I’ve got it at $409. And I’m sorry to have to tell you that you could have added a zero to that if your uncle hadn’t cleaned off that rich, 250-year-old  patina. Because collectors die for that sort of stuff.

I’m usually pretty critical of my own stuff, so I’m always pleased when I find myself laughing at something I wrote just 48 hours earlier:

And now we have the de-wussification of Mail. Mail was once a candy-apple red Mazda Miata. Now it’s a Ford pickup with a gun rack and a rear-window decal of a cartoon Calvin peeing all over the Microsoft Entourage icon.

Y’know, every now and then, the Plinko chip lands in the $10,000 slot.

2 thoughts on “Leopard: What’s it really worth?

  1. Jason Z.

    Just a quick question on Leopard. (buying it from Amazon to save 20 dollars has delayed its coming until TOMORROW for me…. Grr….) I just had a thought so I went on a quick look around at reviews for confirmation/denial. While they all mention Time Machine one thing I haven’t seen either for or against or pro or con is, Does TM backup Boot Camp installs? I assume it wouldn’t allow Boot Camp to work with Windows (at least not from the Windows side of the Mac coin). If it does back it up, would you be able to scan through your Windows side from OSX (after all, the drive shows up in Finder, at least in Tiger’s Beta).

    Oh, and while I’m here, just wondering how I get the dollar I’m owed back for the pun. Will it somehow involve texting you the serial code of the review or some more arcane way of rebatage. (Hey, I just made up a new word, I think.)

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    @Jason – Time Machine will back up everything on the drive. You can’t “rewind” everything — for instance, your System directory is your System directory — but everything in your user account is fair game.

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