Green is a good color on me…

My pal Phil Plait (not necessarily better known as the Bad Astronomy blogger) has just finished taping a segment for “Mythbusters.”

My ego was desperate to find some way to diminish the holistic awesomeness of this. When, for instance, Phil was quoted in a comic book written by Gail Simone, it quickly came back with “That’s nice. But Andy has a credit in a ‘Ren And Stimpy’ comic.”

This went over big. As a reward, my ego was granted use of IhnatCorp’s Red Sox season tickets.

But here, it’s clearly out of its depth. My ego whiteboarded a lot of candidates and finally presented “Yeah, but not with Jamie and Adam. It was with the build crew” to a conference room full of senior staffmembers.

They all exchanged disappointed and baffled looks. After a period of silence as dense as uranium, one of them took over the projector, did a Google image search for Kari Byron, and resumed his seat without having said a single word.

“Isn’t Grant Imahara one of the principal designers and builders of Lucasfilm’s Mark II R2D2 droid?” said a second, reducing the temperature of the room by another twelve degrees.

A third was about to mention that (according to Phil’s Twitter feed) the “Mythbusters” segment in question is actually just the first one of two that he’s participating in.

But there’s such a thing as kicking an abstraction when it’s down. “So,” she said, instead. “We’re agreed that the most sensible response is to express genuine happiness for the success of Andy’s friend?”

Enthusiastic nods all around.

Now that the paperwork’s been properly signed, witnessed, and filed: attaboy, Phil!