FeedBurner has, for the moment, been classified as “that which I am powerless to change” in the Serenity Prayer system of nomenclature. I thought I’d set everything up correctly (I created a brand-new account on FeedBurner.com, then downloaded, installed, activated, and configured the FeedBurner plugin for WordPress…but nope, nothin’.

On the plus side, FeedBurner is gamely maintaining a remarkably-accurate simulation of a working thing. There’s a feed there and it works. But every time I try to subscribe to my own feed, I get the WordPress feed and not FeedBurner’s.

All of the official and user-generated documentation on this thing says that the plugin contains 100% of the necessary mojo. No need for me to edit the site’s .htcaccess file or to chalk anything onto the carpet that my former parish priest wouldn’t approve of. And yet…it ain’t working.

In a way, the most frustrating diagnostic problems are the ones dealing with tools that are just plain supposed to work without any addition configuration. If this plugin were more complicated, then fixing it would probably be a piece of cake. As it is, you wind up double-checking that the plugin is active and that you typed in the name of your feed correctly.

And then it’s all down to blinking and sighing until Bongo, The God Of Such Things decides that you’ve blinked and sighed enough and he grants you your boon.

Okay, well, I’ve turned FeedBurner off for now. To be honest, I had two concerns about it. Even if it worked like a charm, I still had to figure out how to best configure separate feeds for all the various kinds of content I’ll be slinging here. WordPress’ build-in RSS generator doesn’t have all the oomph of FeedBurner, but at least it works transparently.

4 thoughts on “FeedBurned

  1. Dan

    Hmm. I had no problem (as a WordPress newbie) adding my wordpresses feed to feedburner. I too used the feedburner plugin, but that became redundant it seems. It helped me find my RSS links, but once i knew them, i didn’t need the plugin.

    My RSS feed i put into feedburner was http://flopyamacout.com/feed/

    What’s the strange-ish /index.php/ stuff you got goin on there?

    Further more, i wanted to only feedburn one category and somewhere i found this was the rss feed for my “podcast” category.



    Anywho, obviously i know not much more about this than my mum would, but i like how ya site is shaping up and couldn’t resist commenting one of your posts!
    It’s just like seeing wet concrete on a footpath – ya just gotta put your mark on it.

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    Oh, it’s working… just not the way I expected. But now it seems as though there are two RSS feeds from the blog (the native one and the one that’s managed by FeedBurner. Which seems like the worst of three possible outcomes. If I have one set of feeds managed by WP or one set of feeds managed by FB, that’s fine, but crimeny, having two groups of subscribers seems like a recipe for nothing good…

  3. Dan

    Oh okay.

    If i get what you mean… What i’ve got goin is… my native WP feed entered in feedburner, and then the subsequent FB link is what i’ve put on my WP installation, where i have my RSS blog link.

    So every subscriber to the feed is monitored by feedburner.

    Is that of any value? Or relevance?

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