The Push-Button World of Tomorrow

Screenshotting the Leopard install process. It’s a quaint, retro sort of task. The “right” way is to ssh into the Mac and activate screenshot via a terminal window on another machine, but networking continues to be biffle-dinked on this release and I really don’t want to spend nine hours troubleshooting. I’ll re-do them the right way when I have the golden master.

This is prolly the third or fourth time I’ve re-done these screenshots. Only this time, I’ve plugged a wireless mouse into the MacBook and a remote shutter release on the camera. So now, I’m lying on my sofa, sipping at a soothing beverage and getting caught up on some vital business on my TiVO. I glance over at the MacBook every few minutes, and if the screen looks different, I waggle the mouse a bit to un-dim the screen, tap the shutter-release, and turn my attention back to the merry misadventures of the fine men and women of the Reno Sheriff Department.

Luxury. Absolute luxury. This must be how P. Diddy screenshots his Mac books.

Except I imagine that he does it in a velvet track suit. I’m wearing gym shorts and a University of Colorado Buffaloes tee shirt.

Also, his sofa is upholstered in panda fur and stuffed with wadded-up $100 bills. Well, at least my sofa is cruelty-free and flame-retardant. Who’s the loser now?

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  1. Leeanna Keltz

    Impressive blog. My class mates and I were just discussing this the other evening. Also your webpage looks nice on my old laptop. Now thats uncommon. Nice work.

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