Sodium Benzoate (Preservative)

Sooo…any progress yet?

A bit, sure.

No. Not really.

I thought it’d be easy to set up WordPress so I can post from my iPhone (post via email, actually, but hey, details) but although I have yet to invest so much time and burn so many calories that it’s become an endless gavotte of pain and humiliation, we seemed to have missed the exit for Easytown quite some time ago.

The deal is that I just set up a Super-Duper Double Dog Dare Extry-Top-Secret Email Address for WordPress. The blog software logs in and checks for email from time to time and through patented Keebler Elf magic, any email sent to that address eventually becomes a blog post. I just need to give WordPress the login info for that account.

Naturally, I want this to be a brand-new address that only one person knows about. Otherwise, this blog would provoke most of you to wonder what, precisely, “C1al1s” is, and why I’m so excited to tell people that their prescr1pt1on for it is ready.

(Though maybe I shouldn’t be so hasty. People complain that I don’t update my blog nearly frequently enough. Using my spammy .Mac email address would solve the holy crap out of that problem.)

But it doesn’t seem to be working. What WordPress needs is a simple button there on the Options page marked “Check Address Now.” All’s I know is I’ve sent an email to and it hasn’t turned up on the blog and I assume that WordPress checks for new stuff more than, say, once every 18 hours.

Garlanded in victory from that adventure, I enabled’s “Post To Blog” feature. I post a ton of stuff to my Flickr feed.  In fact, my experience with Flickr is one of the many things that pushed me to finally move past my homemade blog app; it’s close to being a “proper” blog and I found that I really liked the features.

Welp, that was easy as cake. A piece of pie. Whatever, I can click a button in Flickr named “Blog This” and by golly, it blogs this.

Still, the results are sub-perfect. There are only two size settings for the picture: too small, and too big. And the style sheet for Flickr’s built-in captions is somewhat diffle-binked because the line spacing is way too big.

That’s not a big deal.  Seems like the problem will go away if I unleash som Preying Monkey-Style CSS-Fu on it. And most of the work on this site will be about editing style sheets.

Indeed, that’s why I switched from the fancy-schmancy theme I downloaded from WordPress’ theme gallery to the arse-ugly default one. My final layout is going to be all custom anyway. Why pretend? Embrace the ugly.

So, yes: to get Flickr to post photos that fill the width of the column, all I need to do is redesign the whole thing so that the default width just happens to be the width of a Flickr JPEG. Simple!

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  1. Andy Ihnatko

    Furst post!

    Stephen Furst really is a hell of an actor. Whether he plays the lovable lump in “Animal House” or the mover and shaker in “Babylon 5” the man always delivers.

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